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CalRecycle is a State of California Department responsible for getting various materials out of landfills.  One of those items is car and truck tires.  51 Million tires go into landfills each year.  Since Asphalt-Rubber binder utilizes car tires, CalRecycle incents Public Work Agencies to put out Asphalt-Rubber Chip and Cape Seals jobs through their grant process.


How Does It Work?

Each year around August agencies can apply for a grant.  The application process is simple and usually closes around the end of October.  In November or December grants are awarded and the City or County being awarded a grant has two years to use it.

  • In 2020 grants were either $1.00 or $0.50 off per square yard depending upon whether the agency had ever been awarded a grant before.
  • The maximum grant amount an agency can be awarded was $250,000.
  • The minimum job size to be eligible for the grant was 40,000 square yards (about 6 lane miles, 12’ wide x 1 mile).

If you would like additional information about the grant, here is a link to CalRecycle’s web page:

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