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Caltrans’ Maintenance Technical Advisory Guide (MTAG) is a very handy manual for all items pertaining to road construction from Crack Sealing to Slurry Seals to Micro Surfacing to Conventional Chip & Cape Seals to Asphalt-Rubber Chip & Cape Seals. 

Caltrans’ Asphalt-Rubber Usage Guide (2006) is a great manual for all things pertaining to Asphalt-Rubber Chip and Cape Seals. 

CalRecycle is a State of California Department responsible for getting various materials out of landfills.  One of those items is car and truck tires.  51 Million tires go into landfills each year.  Since Asphalt-Rubber binder utilizes car tires, CalRecycle incents Public Work Agencies to put out Asphalt-Rubber Chip and Cape Seals jobs through their grant process.

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After: Oct. 2019 (14 YEARS LATER)

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